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Recently I have also begun posting some of my work with Anglo-Saxon charms. This work is somewhat speculative and is conducted as an amateur researcher and keen Pagan historian.

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Saturday, 1 March 2014

A charm of protection


This Anglo-Saxon charm of protection was written as a note in a margin.  It has a beauty of its own. I have had some fun with it sweeping out references to the new religion and replacing them with reference to the old! Note: Drychten was the OE word for lord and here is a reference to Wodan.

Fly leaf Leechdoms  (MS. C.C.C. 41, p. 400 margin).
A charm of protection

I fortify myself in this rune staff and deliver myself into Wodan's allegiance,
against the sore sigh,
against the sore blow,
against the grim horror,
against the mickle terror, which is to everyone loathly,
and against all the loathly mischief which into the land may come:
a triumphant charm I chant,
a triumphant staff I bear.
Word victory and work victory:
let this avail me,
let no night mare mar me,
nor my belly shrink me,
nor fear come on me ever for my life, but may Drychten heal me.

Wodan worthy of all glory, as I have heard, heavens creator and eke, Frigg, a thousand of the bright elves I call to be a guard to me against all fiends. May they bear me up and
keep me in peace and protect my life,
uphold me altogether,
ruling my conduct; may there be to me a hope of glory.
Hand over head:
the hall of Valhalla,
the regions of the glorious and triumphant, of the truthful wights.

With all blithe mood I pray, that for me, hand over head:
dragon be helmet,
boar coat of mail,
a light life's bulwark,
Wayland my sword, sharp and sheer edged,
linden my shield, embellished with glory.

Ye Seraphim, guardians of the ways!
Forth I shall depart,
friends I shall meet,
all the glory of the ese,
through the lore of Drychten.

Now pray I to the victor for the mercy of the gods,
for a good departure,
for a good, mild, and light wind upon those shores,
the winds I know,
the encircling water,
ever preserved against all enemies.

Friends I shall meet, that I may dwell in Valhalla, yea, in his peace, protected against the loathsome one, who hunts me for my life, established in the glory of the ese, and in the hand of the mighty one of Valhalla, while I may live upon earth.

So mote it be.            

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