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The poems on this blog are mostly written on the basis of my historical reading and are intended to be both educational and entertaining.
Recently I have also begun posting some of my work with Anglo-Saxon charms. This work is somewhat speculative and is conducted as an amateur researcher and keen Pagan historian.

Please feel free to use anything on this site as a resource if you think that it may be relevant to your needs.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Dragon's Quarters

Some fun casting the quarters with dragons

Dragons Quarters

Flying cockatrice guard the east,
Air dragon we doth bid thee hail.
Protect our circle with thine power,
From the other world lift thine veil.

Firedrake guard the gate to the south,
Oh great beast fortify the door.
Shield us here with thine fiery breath,
From thy wyrm bed return we implore

Sea serpent seal the western gate,
We doth water dragon call thee.
From thine watery depths arise,
We bid thee our rite oversee.

Crouching basilisk guard the north,
Earth dragon open thine dark eyes.
Serpent king we doth bid thee forth,
From long mists of time now arise.

Copyright Andrew Rea Autumn Equinox 2014

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Honouring the Rune Trees

Another short poem around the rune trees.

Honouring the Rune Trees

Oh Blackthorn that gives us, the sloe for taste,
And Hawthorn that crowns, fair heads to be chased.

Oh Oak that gives us, the strength of Gaia,
Oh Ash that is our, arrow, spear and fire.

Oh Yew that spared us, from our foes desires,
Oh Birch that doth light, our bright Beltaine fires.

We honour you here, in this woodland glade,
Every root, bower, branch, and sacred blade.

Copyright Andrew Rea August 2014

Saturday, 6 September 2014


One of my first poems written for use in a Druid ritual.

Summer is now over,
Autumn has begun,
Night conquers day,
Harvest moon for the sun.

Honour the Green Man,
Mabon son of Mordon,
Goddess of the Earth,
On the Feast of Avalon.

Burn the Wicker Man,
Mother turned to Crone,
Goddess of winter food,
Reaping on Harvest Home.

Copyright Andrew Rea Autumn 2006